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Sifamir - Solutions for you, is a Portuguese company founded in June 20, 2005 dedicated to the manufacture of machines, with...

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Our main activity is the marketing machines that help in the development of your business.
Where are we
Headquartered in São Martinho do Campo, Santo Tirso, Portugal, Sifamir focus on the quality of their products and services to better serve customers.



A Sifamir - Solutions for you, developed a vacuum system in the cold. This system facilitates the internal procedures of customers and increases the number of production / hour.

This innovation is an advantage in applications such as foile and thermo-bonded because it allows the operator to reduce operating time, reduce the number of operations and in some cases reducing the raw material used.

In a press as SIF40 | 50PV X2 the number of production / hour exceeds 800 parts / hour.


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